Village of the Arts

Cultural equipment tied to the Secretariat of Culture the City of Fortaleza, the Village of the Arts is located in Leite Barbosa Pinheiro's historical family house in the old downtown part of the city. Its structure was designed in 1954 by the architect Jaime Vieira. Expropriated in December of 2005 by the City Hall, the house was tipped as a cultural heritage of Fortaleza. In the light of its original design the Village of the Arts hosts the first of the three blocks set in the project. With three Public Schools in Dance, Theatre and Filmmaking, a Visual Arts Center, a Digital Production Center, a Library, a auditorium, a studio room and four editing rooms, the Village of the Arts is a space dedicated to training, production, research and dissemination in Fortaleza's art scene. It currently offers a series of free public courses in different formats that serves to a diverse public and maintains support in the activities of the city's artistic production by loaning equipment and rooms
Leite Barbosa Pinheiro's historical family house
Another building, soon to be functioning and that integrates the complex of the Village ofthe Arts is the historical Palace of the Lord of Camocim. Built in 1880, the space will host many others cultural activities.

Palace of the Lord of Camocim - the Village of the Arts' main building

Description of shares
All activities are free

Public Filmmaking School

Filmmaking course – Promotes research, production and dissemination of the intellectual thoughts on sound and image in the contemporary world potentiating alternatives views and forms to perform and interact in Fortaleza. It's a course certificated by the Federal University Extension Program (Ceará Federal University – UFC). The first selection received 612 entries and 40 students were selected. Aiming at the development of 40 directors in a two-year course, the course happens throughout practical exercises carried out on video and theoretical classes. With teachers such as André Parente, João Luiz Vieira, Felipe Bragança, Hernani Heffner, Joel Pizzini, Karim Aïnouz, Luís Antônio Mendes, Philippe Dubois, among many others professors and filmmakers that acts on the brazilian contemporary cinema. The quality of such training is already generating visibility and recognition. In the Sixth Ceará State Announcement in Film and Video, the State of Ceará Department of Culture approved 27 projects in the competition. Among them. 6 projects were from filmmaking course's students. Also, between the 15 videos made by students as exercises, 13 were selected for many festivals throughout the country as a new selection in the year of 2009.

Art class with a cultural action

Edditing points program – Training course for Cultural Multipliers in Independent Cinema. The project trains and supports interested students in becoming film and video exhibitors in plublic spaces of Fortaleza's neighborhoods such as streetblocks, parks, public schools and sport and art centers. Students can become multipliers that lead their communities to altenartive ways to reflect artistically on the city daily life. The project creates opportunities to generate income and stimulate the local development. The course is offered every semester for two classes. The edditing points program has trained 90 students and supported 11 collective cultural work in the city by lending projection equipment and working with the logistics of events.
Edditing Points program – Cinema projected in the Streets

Digital Production Center - Art's Village - Area that supports the independent production, promoting and improving professional training for technical and artistic and audiovisual producers. It also encourages the production through the loan of audiovisual equipment and services, enabling the dissemination of Fortaleza's cinema. Digital Production Center (NPD) is a program of the Network “Olhar Brasil”, held in a partnership between the Ministry of Culture of Brazil and Fortaleza's City Hall.

Filmmaking course
Staff's Announcement-  Announcement to loan equipment to perform in independent productions copyright in Fortaleza. Through the announcement, the NPD lends lighting, camera and sound equipments.

Network “Olhar Brasil” - Design to send  movies and videos from Ceará State to film festivals and shows throughout the country, giving visibility to the local production. To participate you must do a registration in the Village of the Arts.

Free Courses - Professional and technical training. Theses courses are offered a frequent basis and the classes are taught through thematic modules  by local professionals or professionals from the other brazilian state capitals such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Porto Alegre, and Belo Horizonte, allowing an exchange of artistic languages and experiences.

Public Dance School

Course of Thought and Extension Dance - began in September 2007 in partnership with the Federal University of Ceará. Encourages reflection and construction of thought around the scenic language, promoting the development of theoretical research, which contribute to and strengthen the perception of dance in Fortaleza. The course has duration of 2 years and has 43 students. Passed by the researchers as the subjects Portuguese philosopher, José Gil, one of the greatest contemporary thinkers.

Course of Thought and Extension Dance

Open class - This program consists of modules with duration of two weeks that address different techniques of the dance stage. The monthly classes are taught by local teachers with a recognized presence in the area and also by professionals from other states. Courses are, among others, from classical ballet, Flamenco Dance, Contemporary Dance, Traditional Dance and Ballet People for men. 

Announcement of occupancy of the room to dance Village of Arts - Loan of room for dance companies for testing and performance of choreographic residencies. It includes professionals in the dance.

Occupancy of the room to dance Village of Arts

Dancing at School - The program proposes the implementation of training processes in dance in 20 (twenty) of municipal schools and formal education of Fortaleza metropolitan region, promoting the practice of initiation in dance for students between 7 and 11 years of age. The public schools will be upgraded to provide adequate classrooms for students to practice dance. Will be covered at least 1.200 children from the public. 

Inestimable Debates – Held once a month, it is a dialogue channel of what is being produced by the contemporary thoughts in the art.
Village of the Arts
Street 24 of the May, 1221, Centrer
Fortaleza – Ceará - Brazil
Tel (55xx85) 3252.1444 | 3253.7052

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